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Bushido scenario terrain






Hardcore heat 1 this weekend

Will try and post some shots and remember how I blew five games of hardcore in a single day.

Done about as much practise as I can stomach. although I might be able to sneak in another game on Friday night. Got my turn 1 down to 4 minutes and 9 seconds. ūüôā

Everything is painted to a reasonable level.

And I’ve posted my list to jty.

Roll on Sunday and my appearance as a tournament chocolate make weight.


Tarting up the Trolls





Vapnartak Game 2 – Rasheth vs Kromac

Game 2 was against a nice local chap called Paul (didn’t catch his second name).

His lists were infantry heavy Morvhanna or beast heavy Kromac.¬† I plumped for Rasheth again as I didn’t want to spend the entire afternoon being bogged down after game 1.¬† I wasn’t confident that the Morgy list would have the capacity to clear out infantry under Regrowth.

His list (as far as I can remember)

  • Kromac
  • Pureblood Warpwolf
  • Feral Warpwolf
  • Warpwolf Stalker
  • Gorax
  • Gnarlhorn Satyr
  • Woldshooty things
  • Lord of the Feast
  • Stones
  • Sentry Stone & Mannekins


Scenario was Incursion (which I’d played against chimp the night before, heh heh)

I rolled high and opted to go second.

He set up pretty centrally with the Wold shoo ties on his right and the Pureblood and LotF on his left.

I did the same with my Titan huddle in the middle, Gators to my left (hoping to flank around) and Nihilators right and centre.

The first turn he moved up cautiously and hid Kromac and the Stalker behind clouds from something (I think it was Mannekin explosion/forest). ¬†I copied but was a bit more forceful with my advance in the middle. ¬†In position to seize control points next turn. ¬†My Nihilators hung back around 6″ off the flag. ¬†Gators ran up and Rasheth arc’d Breath of Corruption through a Nihilator, hit the LotF but didn’t kill it despite boosting (left on 2 points).

The flag on my left (Gators) disappeared.

Titan huddle!

Nihilators to the right of me . .

Turn two his woldythings shot up but didn’t kill any Gators, the Lotf charged two Nihilators and killed them then shot a pain giver, teleported to it and slapped Rasheth opening a bit of a gash in his belly. Rasheth dipped a pickled finger and pondered what to do ūüôā

Kromac put Bestial up and stuff shuffled forward.  Everything stayed well out of my charge range.

I started by having two pain givers slap the LotF and plink him to death (gotta love his pitiful DEF). ¬†Nihilators moved up to the flag to claim a CP with a couple engaging his beasts. ¬†Sentry got Rushed and walked to the other flag where he put Locker up. ¬†Aggy pops ‘-2 damage from war beasts’ and the other one ran forward with ‘no animus on war beasts’ . ¬†Rasheth popped Carnivore on the Sentry and topped up the aggy. ¬†This meant that most of the Circle beasts were in the aura from the start of their turn . . there would be no yo-yo for that stalker. ¬†Canoneer kills the Sentry stone.

Gators killed most of the woldythings.  Rasheth forgot to feat, pah!

Can I jump in there and chop him up? Umm, no . . poop.

See them Nihilators? They're annoying they are.

I see Gators

Turn 3 Kromac changes his underwear as he realises that he’s going to have to commit or lose on scenario. ¬†The Pureblood advances to contest the flag on my right and sprays some nihilators. ¬†The Stalker charges the Sentry (with Gorax animus on) but, due to the flag placement and Locker, is only able to get his sword in. ¬†Many attacks later the Sentry is sitting there about half damaged . . effective ARM 23 is not to be sneezed at.

Kromac is apoplectic at this point and sends the Gnarlhorn in. ¬†This is at dice-silly and does almost nothing. ¬†The Sentry begins to chuckle and look forward to next turn. ¬†Kromac casts Bestial again and hangs back with the Feral, who can’t get in due to Locker and no reach.

Rasheth wakes up and remembers his feat, does some incidental stuff. ¬†The Sentry and a Gladiator get engaged and the Stalker and Gnarlhorn get dead. ¬†All good. ¬†I can’t remember why I didn’t get a CP at this point, must have been the Feral loitering. ¬†Gators finish off wolds and move up to threaten Gorax. ¬†Nihilators do something (I confess that I possibly forgot to activate them – oops).

still can't get to the fat man

see those Gators there? You're lunch, you are.

Oh dear Kromac, what have you done?

Turn 4¬†Kromac has had enough and has the Feral go for the Sentry. ¬†It fails to kill it (now effective ARM 25). ¬†Kromac decides to do the job and bounds over having feated. He off’s the Sentry but ends up sat on his own without Fury.

Rasheth has the Canoneer shoot him and then Gladiator trample up and pummel him.  Game over.

Somewhere in that narrative I lost a Gladiator. ¬†It really wasn’t important.


Vapnartak – Game 1

This drivel has been shamelessly lifted from the UKCORD forum.¬† I’ll post some original and hopefully less tedious stuff (with pictures) later.

GAME 1 РProcess of Elimination.  Gav Roath.

Gav’s List (ish)

Titan Bronzeback
Titan Sentry
Cyclops Brute
Paingiver Beast Handlers (min)
Preatorian Swordsmen (min)
Nihilators (max)
Gatorman Posse (max)
Paingiver Task Master
Void Spirit
Void Spirit
Swamp Gobbers
Orin Midwinter (grr)

I took Rasheth and we set up, my taking second turn. ¬†Terrain played almost no part in the game so I’ll not dwell on it.

He set up with the Nihilators on his right, Mordi and his support in the middle, then titans with Swordsmen in front and the Gators + handler on the left.

I had my nihilators and gators on my right with all my titans and fatty in the middle, my support stuff hung back.  My plan was for the Nihilators to provide a bit of a screen for my own troops early on.

For this game I’ll not detail everything as it was pretty much a grind, feel free to ask or point if something makes no sense.
He put hollow on the Swordsmen and ran them up, ran up the nihilators and put the void spirits just behind his front line.  The gators moved just over a walk.

I countered by running a gator the full tier 14″ with the rest hanging out a bit. ¬†Titans walked forward, nihilators¬†screened most of them. Rasheth¬†arc’d¬†a Breath of Corruption and killed a beast handler, filled up the agonisers.

On turn 2 he feated (+3 DEF and poltergeist – very handy)
Ran his troops into contact and generally gummed stuff up.  Nothing of any significance was killed.

I responded by killing a bit of his stuff and feating¬†(-2 STR¬†and ARM on all enemy living things in Rasheth’s¬†CTRL¬†and I get 1 health back for anything¬†that dies)¬†, every titan put up the animus and the agonisers¬†put out -2 damage (in case his beasts came in – I have a theory that a Bronze back won’t actually attack anything unless it’s on ‘dice + something’ so his just ambled about). ¬†Rasheth also took out both Void Spirits with Sunder Spirit (phew).

There then followed a war of attrition that ended up with me taking a loss on the third tie breaker.

Key moments for me were missing a BoC on his brute (and Mordi), boosted needing a 7 on the dice as he used prescience to make me re-roll.  Poop.  Mordi had no transfers so it could have done serious damage.

On my last turn he also made 6 consecutive tough rolls on a nihilator¬†that was preventing me from slamming his gladiator over Mordi¬†and the brute (and gobbers¬†and so on). ¬†Had this come off I would actually have won on the third tie-breaker if I hadn’t killed Mordi. He had 2 transfers so it wasn’t likely.

IMO if we had carried on I would have had him. ¬†’twas not meant to be. ¬†Nice chap, can’t wait for another chance at the ETC.

Further thoughts tell me that if I’d had a better ear out for the 15 minute warning then I should have just moved into the control zones on my turn and not tried anything offensive.¬† Doing this would have secured me the win.¬† Good to know.

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